Support and Accomodation

DynaSpeak ensures 24 hour, 7 day support for you

Throughout your study at DynaSpeak, you can depend on our 24 hour Support Contact Number: 0800 106 108 DynaSpeak Hotline

Arrival and Transfer

DynaSpeak's friendly staff will welcome you at Auckland airport. This is a free service on arrival with Accommodation Placement. Just in case you cannot find our staff, wait beside the McDonalds restaurant in the Arrival Hall until we find you. Remember you can call 0800 106 108 for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


DynaSpeak staff will take you by airconditioned car to your chosen accommodation and introduce you to your new home. You will meet your homestay host with us, or if you have chosen Student Residence or Backpacker Hostel accommodation, we will help you check-in and make sure you are really comfortable.

Getting to School

The location map below shows central Auckland and the location of DynaSpeak.
If you are staying in Homestay your host will bring you to school and teach you how to get home by public transport. If you are staying in a Student Residence or Backpacker Hostel you will receive easy directions and a map showing the route to DynaSpeak. If you need help during office hours, please call DynaSpeak (09) 377 2434.

Your First Day

DynaSpeak's Welcome and Orientation begins at 8.45 am on your first day of study. At school, friendly DynaSpeak staff are waiting to welcome you. You will see the school, meet teachers and new friends before taking a simple English Language Assessment to place you in your class. The Director of Studies is available to discuss your Individual Study Plan (ISP) or review your class level at any time throughout your study at DynaSpeak. If you need any help with internet access, opening a bank account, setting up your mobile phone, obtaining medical care or anything else, DynaSpeak staff will assist you.