Guardianship Services

Our special High-School & Guardianship Programme introduces younger students to real English communication, New Zealand family life and culture. For junior high school level (age 14 years) the recommended programme is 16-24 weeks, whilst for senior High School we recommend 24-36 weeks preparation.

DynaSpeak introduces the younger student to a good High School or Foundation Programme and provides continuing support and guardianship during the first year, and longer if parents require. The young student enjoys support, counselling and information about visa formalities from friendly DynaSpeak staff during study at DynaSpeak, and afterwards at High School or Foundation Studies College.

Top quality medical and accident insurance allows access to the best level of healthcare for any need, whether minor or serious. During the transition to High-School or Foundation Studies, and throughout the first year, the guardianship service maintains close contact with the High-School or Foundation College, homestay and the younger student, provides reports to the student’s family, and assists in resolving any kind of question or difficulty.

Guardianship Fees (Prices in New Zealand dollars)

NZD$1275 (available for students aged under 18)
(12 month period, includes monitoring,counselling, reporting and liaison with school staff, carers, medical agencies and insurers)