Elective Options

All full-time DynaSpeak students take an Elective option for 3 hours (Phase 1 - Mainstream Plus25) or 4 hours (Phase 2 - Elective Pro25 or Elective Ultra35).

Elective Classes

These Elective Classes provide you with the structure and practice you need to progress your language and speaking skills developed in the Mainstream Immersion Class. Elective Classes build all the key skills of Listening, Grammar, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Choose your Elective according to your particular study goals to focus and enhance your language success. If you want, accelerate your learning in Phase 2 by combining Elective Pro25 with MI Class for 35 hours per week of super intensive DynaSpeak learning.


General English, Elective Option 1

DynaSpeak General English (GE) classes are especially designed to balance intensive listening and speaking training with grammar, reading and writing. All of the main areas of English are taught and practised to increase your skills and confidence. Additional Tutorials allow you to focus on your Individual Study Plan under the guidance of your Elective Dean.


Academic English, Elective Option 2

DynaSpeak English for Academic Purposes (EAP) prepares you for further study at university and tertiary colleges in New Zealand and overseas. Specialist Tutors, Tutorials and practice tests focus on your specific goals including IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL or TOEIC exams. Options for One-to-One tuition, and guidance with your Individual Study Plan provide a fast track to academic success.


Foundation Year, Elective Option 3

DynaSpeak Foundation Studies (FS) is delivered in collaboration with leading University Foundation Providers, offering direct entry to all eight New Zealand universities, institutes of technology and excellent universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Direct entry to your Foundation programme through DynaSpeak provides choice and flexibility in planning your future.


Business & Workplace Communication, Elective Option 4

DynaSpeak Business & Workplace Communication (B&C) offers practical English for successful business and real-life communication. As a Working Holiday and business-oriented student you will experience live interviews, write your résumé (CV), present seminars and practice face-to-face, phone and video communication. DynaSpeak integrates TOEIC Exam preparation, with optional practice tests and feedback, into programme and Tutorials. Learn business etiquette, communication styles, document writing and standard formats while your English ability rapidly advances.