Course Overview

The Dynaspeak English Course

The standard full time DynaSpeak English Course is 25 hours study time per week.  In Phase 1, Mainstream Elective Plus includes your Mainstream Immersion Class and one Elective option. This unique combination of two parts makes Phase 1 highly effective and allows you to focus on the particular skills you need most. You will also join one-hour Tutorials, Class Field Trips outside school and Assessments four times each quarter (12 week period) throughout your course.

In Phase 2, Elective Pro25 allows you to study 20 hours per week in your Elective option, plus 5 hours per week in focussed Tutorials featuring workshops, seminars and practicums directly related to your study plan, supervised by your Elective Dean.


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DynaSpeak Brochure 2017- 2018

DynaSpeak Course Guide 2017- 2018